Sex: all about prostate pleasure

prostate pleasure

Women are not the only ones who can experience several types of orgasms. Discover the benefits of prostate massage. A stimulation that opens the door to new sensations of ecstasy.

When you hear the word “prostate“, it is most often associated with the risk of cancer, incontinence problems or recommended medical checks after the age of 50. The word “pleasure” has nothing to do with it. And yet, this small gland located under the bladder that serves as a channel for sperm also evokes the terms “ecstasy”, “orgasm” and “upheaval” for those who dare to explore it. Nathalie Giraud Desforges is a sex therapist, couple therapist, founder of Pink Pepper, and she animates prostatic pleasure (the last was held on October 8, 2017) with Adam, the author of the blog. She explains how to take us there to discover this new center of enjoyment.

Ancestral technique

“Prostate massage has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic virtues. There are two ways to do it: by the perineum, by pressing hard enough in the area between the anus and the testicles, or directly by the rectum” explains the specialist.

Happiness at the key

When one discovers this erogenous zone, one opens oneself to unknown sensations. Nathalie Giraud Desforges speaks of “waves of pleasure”, “diffuse sensations throughout the body, sometimes upsetting, very deep”.

It would be a powerful orgasm, which carries the whole body, but without erection and without ejaculation. Instead of affecting the outside, it takes from the inside. This difference resembles that described by women when they speak of clitoral orgasm, more “electric”, or deep orgasm.

How to do it

It is not enough to put your finger at the anus for a few seconds to reach the prostatic orgasm. This type of pleasure, whether practiced as a couple or solo, needs to progressively increase. “We can start by stimulating the part between the anus and the testicles by pressing with the thumb, then we pass the anal barrier and we try to focus on the sensations. This area tames with great delicacy and softness.” Gentlemen, do not be afraid if you lose your erection, it’s quite normal, because your body focuses on prostate micro-sensations.

Test multiple positions

sex positions

Each person’s favorite position! Do not be afraid to experiment with many. As a rifle dog, on the side, knees raised, the lower back on a cushion. It is by giving free rein to your curiosity that we come to find unique sensations. Nathalie Giraud Desforges remarked that “when a man abandons himself to his/her partner and goes beyond prejudices, he reinforces the complicity within his couple.”

The mistakes not to do

The most important aspect to respect is not to force yourself. If the experiment tempts your partner but scares you, do not force yourself to do it. Specifically, certain measures must be respected to avoid injury and facilitate pleasure. Remember to cut your nails and clean them well, if you use a sex toy, avoid vibrations and go easy, without much back and forth. For men, there is no point in getting involved in the performance or trying to reach orgasm in 5 minutes. Relax, do not snorkel, circulate the pleasure throughout the body and enjoy these sensations!

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